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Meet Your Team

Who We Are


Lindsey Zemanek, MS, MA, LMFT Owner/Therapist

I want to make the healing power of nature, animals, and farming accessible to as many people as possible. I have worked with many different people in a variety of clinical settings. I specialize in working with men, people who have experienced trauma, and the neurodiverse.


Evonne Broten, MA, LPC

I'm thrilled to be working with clients in this incredibly therapeutic environment. I work with teens, adults, and seniors with a wide variety of concerns. My specialty areas are anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, and life transitions.


Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect has lived a lot of life and has healed from a large number of traumas. He brings understanding and a unique strength of character. Mr. Perfect challenges all of us to understand who we are and how we stand in the world.



Pearl is a no-nonsense, no-frills leader. She demands respect in a quiet way. Once you win her trust, there is nothing she won't do with you. Pearl is intuitive and wise. She is incredibly loyal and will guard all of your secrets.



Jade has lived through some tough stuff. It took her a while to settle in, but now that she has, she is often the first to greet new people. Jade understands the power of a gentle approach with clients and is very caring.



Josie is the embodiment of a Southern Belle with exquisite manners and style. She invites you in with a glass of ice cold sweet tea. Josie is confident in who she is and will help you feel the same.


Spearmint and Ephram

These guys take work and play very seriously. They lead the flock, keep them safe, and lounge in the sun like the best of the them. They are both always up for scratches and staying in the moment.

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